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We provide high-quality analytical data and personalized customer service to clients in the environmental field.

ASL is committed to provide highly accurate and legally defensible data at all times.

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ASL is certified as a drinking water, water & wastewater, and hazardous waste testing laboratory by the State of California ELAP #2200, and is certified by the Los Angeles County Sanitation District (LACSD) to perform analyses for environmental testing.

100’s of Analyses

Commitment to quality  

ASL believes that a key step toward achieving our commitment is by investing heavily in the latest analytical and information processing technologies capable of producing accurate data meeting the most stringent requirements of clients and regulatory agencies.


The Organic Department is equipped with the latest innovative GC Hewlett-Packard (Agilent) instrument ever built.


The Conventional Section of the Inorganic department also offers the latest technology for performing conventional analyses.


The Inorganic Department of the laboratory is equipped with the most powerful ICP emission instrument ever built.


Specialized analyses that can be done in-house or sub-out to diffrent laboratories.

Top proficiency scores Over 20 

Years In a Row

Proficiency Testing results provide the
following information.  It evaluates a laboratory’s performance,
provides reliability about the data and is required for ELAP Accreditation.


2015 Profeciency Testing Score


2016 Profeciency Testing Score


2017 Profeciency Testing Score

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Key Personnel

ASL’s key professional Laboratory personnel posses diverse experience in analytical chemistry, and with the highest ethical standards.

Rojert Araghi

Rojert Araghi

Laboratory Director

Wendy Lu

Wendy Lu

Organics Group Leader

Arshak Yarijanian

Arshak Yarijanian

Semi-Volitile Group Leader

Alen Hosepians

Alen Hosepians

Operations Manager

Andre Balanji

Andre Balanji

Project Manager

Lily Natanyan

Lily Natanyan

Clients Relations Manager

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